is a Google-licensed Review Partner, this means that the company reviews you collect from your customers on our platform do give you the eligibility to show stars in your Google Paid Ads

To be eligible for Google Seller Ratings, you must meet the following requirements:-

  • Collect reviews with a Google-licensed Review Platform such as

  • Collect 100 verified reviews within a 12-month period, per country

  • Actively invite customers to write a review using the platform

Please note that any reviews left via your Public Profile Page will not be eligible for Google Seller Ratings.

Once you have reached these requirements, the stars will pull through to Google automatically and these can take 2-3 weeks to display.

You can see your current seller Ratings eligibility by country in this panel from your timeline.

Please Note: Your review counts are not indexed by Google in real-time, therefore you will see a discrepancy between the reviews in your dashboard and the Google Seller Ratings page:{yourwebsite}

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