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Opencart v3: Product Reviews Widget Installation
Opencart v3: Product Reviews Widget Installation

Integrate and Opencart v3

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Updated over a week ago integrates with Opencart version 3.  Users can install the Product Review plugin quite simply using the Opencart dashboard.

Connect your OpenCart store with to automate your review collection.


⭐️ Available on the Professional and Enterprise plans

Navigation 📍

  • Navigate to Integrations

  • Select Opencart

Instructions ⚙️

Download plugin file

  • Save the file somewhere convenient, you'll need it shortly.

  • Log in to your Opencart Administration Interface

  • Navigate to Extensions >> Installer

  • Click Upload and choose the to upload

  • When complete you'll see the extension in your Install History at the bottom of the screen

  • Navigate to Extensions on the left menu. This displays a list of currently installed extensions

  • Scroll down to the Product Widget extension

Add your Reviews API key and Store Key

  • Click the blue pen-shaped Edit button

  • Insert your Reviews API Key and your Store KEY into the appropriate fields.  To find your API key in your account, visit this support article.

  • Navigate to Extensions >>  Modifications

  • Click the blue Refresh symbol in the top right bank of icons (it's the leftmost one)

Adding the widget to your product page

  • Navigate to Design >> Layouts >> Product

  • Using the Opencart Product Page Interface, select the page location that you wish to add the Product Widget.  In the example below, we have chosen to install it in the Content Bottom section of the theme.

Important: If you're using custom templates in OpenCart then custom modifications to the plugin will be required!

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