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Collect reviews using Intercom live chat

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Connect to your Intercom account to help interact with previous customers to facilitate greater review requests.


⭐️ Active account (Professional or Enterprise)

✅ Active Intercom account

⚡️ Intercom Bolt-on

Navigation 📍

  • Log in to

  • Navigate to Integrations >> Intercom

Instructions ⚙️

Company Review Invitation Snippet

Select 'Copy to Clipboard' to grab the snipped to either insert into a saved reply or to use within an intercom campaign message.

Dynamic Intercom Review Invitation Snippet Generator

If you are using the Dynamic Intercom Review Invitation Snippet Generator then please ensure you fill out the fields correctly to ensure your Reviews are collected as intended.

Request reviews directly from Intercom chat with saved replies.

To use and manage saved replies you’ll need:

  1. Permission to manage saved replies.

Check under 'Permissions' in Settings > General > Teammates and ensure 'Can manage saved replies,' is enabled. This will allow you to add, edit and manage saved replies on your workspace.

Creating saved replies for collecting a review

Click the 'Create' button in the saved replies menu.

Copy the 'Intercom Review Invitation Snippet' as above to your clipboard and paste in the saved reply. Add a title and click save.

Now it's ready to use in your Intercom Inbox.

Create an Intercom Campaign to automate review collection from an audience.

Select 'Messages' on the left-hand side icon nav and then select 'Campaigns' under 'Messages'. This will open up your campaign's dash.

Select > New Campaign

Create New Campaign

In the top right select 'New Campaign'

To add a goal, choose the attribute or event for the result you want to measure from the dropdown under 'Set your campaign goal'

Choose Your Audience

Add rules to select the exact group of people you’d like to enter your campaign. For example, if you’d like to encourage your active users to write a review after a certain time on your free plan, your rules might be: Users with 'Plan is Active' and 'Signed up more than 30 days ago' and “Last seen less than 7 days ago”.

Choose how users will exit the campaign

If a person in the campaign matches these rules, they’ll exit immediately, and cannot enter the campaign again. To add exit rules just click '+ Add rule'. Once set click Done

Adding New Message

Select New Message then select the in-app option. This will open the page where you will create your custom message.

Adding Your Custom Message

Copy the 'Intercom Review Invitation Snippet' as above to your clipboard. Remove the default message in the intercom and paste the 'Intercom Review Invitation Snippet'.

Go Live

And that’s it. You can now set your campaign live. Your customers will enter it, and begin receiving messages when they match the filters you’ve set. Just click “Go live”:

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