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Integrate REVIEWS.io and WooCommerce

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Connect your WooCommerce store to automate your review collection using this guide.


⭐️ Available on all REVIEWS.io plans

Navigation πŸ“

  • Log into your REVIEWS.io Dashboard

  • Select Integrations

  • Navigate to WooCommerce.

Instructions βš™οΈ

Woocommerce Reviews Plugin Installation

Get REVIEWS.io API Key πŸ”‘

Navigate to WooCommerce πŸ‘‡

  • Make a note of your Region, Store ID and API Key under the API Credentials section

Add API Key to PluginΒ πŸ”Œ

  • Make a note of your Store ID and API Key required by the WooCommerce plugin

  • In Wordpress, navigate to Settings >> Reviews.co.uk

  • Enter your API Credentials as shown below

  • Save your changes

Configure your Plugin Settings

Select Plugins from your menu bar and click 'INSTALLED PLUGINS'

Scroll to Reviews.co.uk for WooCommerce, and select 'SETTINGS'.

Invitation Emails πŸ“§

Toggle to Review Invitations and ensure 'Queue Invitations' is set to 'YES' in order to queue your review invitation emails in your dashboard.

Review Publishing - Widgets

In order to publish your product reviews and style them to your needs, you can toggle these settings below:

Global Customisation 🌎

Within the global settings you can set rules that will be shared across all widgets installed via the plugin. This includes the Product Review Widget, Ratings Stars and the Legacy Floating Widget.

Product Review Widget πŸ›

The Product Review Widget can be installed in one of three areas on your site:

  • Within a tab

  • Underneath the product summary

  • At the bottom of the page

You can also add in custom styles which can be copied from the widget editor within the dashboard.

Rating Snippet ⭐️

Enabling this will place the rating snippet underneath the product title. If you would like this elsewhere, you can use "manual" option and use the [rating_snippet] short code to add this to your site.

Nuggets, Floating, UGC, Survey, Rating Bar & Carousel Widgets

A lot of the widgets have a togglable setting to allow you to display these on the site. They will also include a "Widget Type" setting. This will use the styles that you have created within the REVIEWS.io dashboard.

If you would like to install these widgets elsewhere on the site, there is also the option to generate a Shortcode for these. You can use this shortcode to install the widget wherever you'd like on your account.

Legacy Widget

We do include the settings for our legacy widgets, however we do strongly recommend updating to the newest version of our widgets if you have not already. The legacy widgets have been deprecated, and will be removed in future updates.

Rich Snippets

You can enable rich snippets within Google search results by toggling the following to 'Yes'.

Product Feed

Within the Data Feeds tab, set Enable Product Feed to yes. If you do have extra data you need to include in the feed, you can do this by adding your own Data Attributes, this will then include those fields within the Product Catalogue.

Once you have created the feed, you can copy the link provided in the plugin, navigate to Collection >> Product Catalogue >> Setup Product Feed.

Paste your link here, and make sure that this is set to XML, add the feed. The system will then start to download your product catalogue.

Within the Data feed tab, you can also download your recent orders if you wanted to send a Review Booster to previous customers. You can learn more about Review Boosters here.


There are certain settings which can be updated under the Advanced Tab. We recommend leaving these as the default settings unless there are specific reasons that you need to change these.


I've connected my WooCommerce store but there's no products in the Product Catalogue yet?

The product can take up to a few hours to be fully downloaded and showing in the Product Catalogue in your dashboard but this is normal.

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