Connect your WooCommerce store to automate your review collection using this guide.


  • Available on all plans


  • Log into your Dashboard

  • Select Integrations

  • Navigate to WooCommerce.


Woocommerce Reviews Plugin Installation

Get API Key

Navigate to WooCommerce

  • Make a note of your Region, Store ID and API Key under the API Credentials section

Add API Key to Plugin 

  • Make a note of your Store ID and API Key required by the WooCommerce plugin

  • In Wordpress, navigate to Settings >>

  • Enter your API Credentials as shown below

  • Save your configuration

Configure your Plugin Settings

Select Plugins from your menu bar and click 'INSTALLED PLUGINS'

Scroll to for WooCommerce, and select 'SETTINGS'.

Invitation Emails

Toggle to Review Invitations and ensure 'Queue Invitations' is set to 'YES' in order to queue your review invitation emails in your dashboard.

Product Review Publishing

In order to publish your product reviews and style them to your needs, you can toggle these settings below:

Question and Answer Functionality

In order to enable our 'Q&A' functionality, you will need to set the 'Show Question Answers Widget' to one of the options below.

Rich Snippets

You can enable rich snippets within Google search results by toggling the following to 'Yes'.

Further from this, the floating widget can be enabled also at this tab.

Product Feed

Always ensure the 'Enable Product Feed' is switched to 'Yes'.



I've connected my WooCommerce store but there's no products in the Product Catalogue yet?

The product can take up to a few hours to be fully downloaded and showing in the Product Catalogue in your dashboard but this is normal.

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