gives you a fully customisable way to contact your customers by email after they have made a purchase or used your service.  Whichever website technology you use, you can integrate with and send your review invitations at a time appropriate for you.

Useful, engaging and well-designed emails produce better conversion rates. We give you the power to fully brand your customer emails with our handy WYSIWYG editor, or by uploading your own custom HTML email template. 


  • Log into your dashboard

  • On the left of your Dashboard select Invitations >>> Email Templates

  • Create HTML Email Template - Learn More

  • Create Simple Email Invitation (Including In-Email Form) - Learn More

AB Testing

With unlimited AB testing as standard, you can test multiple messages and schedules to produce the best results. Ask for Company Reviews, Product Reviews or even both in the same email.

If you have no active customised email templates, our system will send the standard default email to your customers.  We'd advise you to make your own, however ours is perfectly usable.

To stop any of your review invitation emails being sent, simply mark them as 'Inactive' in the editor.  You can achieve this by toggling the Active/Inactive tab within the relevant invitation.


How do I control when my emails are sent out?

From within your Template editor you can adjust the 'Send after' date which allows you to set scheduled date for your emails to send out. If you have correctly set-up your Timezone settings here as-well our system will send these emails out at the appropriate time of day based on your timezone.

Supporting Articles

  • Learn how to access all your past Email and SMS Review invitations history - Click here

  • Now you review invitation templates are set you are ready to send Review Booster to your past clients.

  • Review invitation emails contain a link to your 'Review Collector Page' remember to configure your Collectors Page, click here to read our support article.

  • You can also use our Dynamic Link feature which allows you to use our review collection within your own email marketing software or Integrate with Klaviyo.

  • You can also choose to have your emails sent out from your own email address if you would like.

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