Automatically share your company reviews as they come into your Twitter feed, and also add a tab to your Facebook page which will display your Public Profile Page.


  • Active account

  • Active Facebook account with at least 2000 likes/follows.

  • Active Twitter account


  • Log in to

  • Navigate to Integrations, then using the filters on the left-hand side, select Social Networks

Facebook Reviews Tab Set-up

  • Click Facebook

Facebook will allow you to show your tab only if you have over 2000 followers/likes on your Facebook page and will only be visible on desktop view.

  • Click Add Tab

  • Select the company page to which you'd like to add the Reviews tab

  • Click Add Page Tab

  • Navigate to your company Facebook page and open your tab, which is visible under the 'more' dropdown at the top of your profile.

  • Enter your login email address.

You'll now see your company store page appear as a tab on your Facebook page.

Automated Twitter Sharing Set-up

  • Navigate to Twitter and click Install

  • Click Add Account

  • To authorize to post to Twitter, you'll need to click Authorize App.

Reviews are shared in the form of an image that is posted to Twitter.

Configure the minimum time interval between Twitter posts.  This is useful if you receive a lot of hourly reviews and don't want to overload your Twitter feed.

Review Sharing
Only your 4 and 5-star reviews are automatically shared on Twitter

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