As a worldwide review collection platform, the ability to collect reviews in multiple languages is a key feature for our clients.  The majority of language options are handled by us automatically using the  browser language settings of a visiting customer to your review collector page.

This article explains how it works and the settings to be aware of in your client dashboard.


To Check default settings

  • Log in to

  • Navigate to Collection >> Collector Page


If you have made no changes to....

"1. Ask for an Overall Star Rating" (top left)
"2. Review Comments" (top left)

..then you don't need to take any further action - language translation will be automatic, as long as we have already translated it (see below).

If you have already customised these fields by adding your own values, then automated translation will not function and every visitor will see the text you have entered in these fields. You can solve this by removing the content of the customised fields.

Automated language translation

If your Collector Settings page customisable fields are set to the default values then they will be automatically translated into the customers' language as determined by their browser settings.  The translated text is controlled by rather than any external source.  If your language has not yet been translated, just let us know by emailing and we will add it.

Below is an example of a collector page detecting Portuguese as a customer's browser language.

Remove custom field content

  • Click Edit on question 1

  • Clear text in the "Enter Question" box, and click Save Changes

  • Click Edit on question 2

  • Clear text in the "Enter Question" box, and click Save Changes

  • Finally, click Save Changes on the main page (bottom right column)

Why you might want to avoid customising your question fields

Let's say you sell internationally to a range of different countries with different languages. If your fields are customised to French by you entering French text in these fields, then every visitor will see French text on your collector page for these fields, regardless of their default browser language settings.

In another example, a customer may not choose the language your business operates in as their primary language, so their browser accessibility settings will be different.  By not customising your fields, you can be sure that whatever your customer's chosen language, they will be able to write you a review.

Supported Languages

Here's a list of the current languages we support.

  • English

  • German (formal and informal)

  • French

  • Italian

  • Norwegian

  • Portuguese

  • Dutch

  • Swedish

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Spanish

  • Hungarian

  • Japanese

  • Polish

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Finnish

  • Ukrainian

User Browser Settings

Users have control over the language settings on the collector page itself.  The can choose their language from the drop down menu found at the top right of the page.

You'll need to ensure that your custom fields are cleared for the user settings to function.  See above.

Need help?
If you have any questions about how automated translation works, or you wish to add your language translation to our database, just email

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