Here's a quick guide to get up and running with review collection with your account right away!

Step 1 - Set up your Customised Email Invitation

You'll first need an email template in order to begin collecting reviews.  You have a couple of choices pending on your goals:

  • Company Review Request (Great if you are using Google AdWords).

  • Product Review Request (Great for Google Shopping and Organic Stars on product pages).

  • Combined Review Request (Ask for a company review first and then a product review in the one email if you are looking to collect both).

  • Local Review Request (For asking for reviews on any third party sites you may have integrated). 

  • Amazon Review Request (For asking for review requests from your Amazon store). 

Follow the link below for instructions to create your email templates. 

Create your Customised Email Template

Note: Please be sure to switch the template to ACTIVE for the automation to begin once you have integrated your website in the following step. 

Step 2 (Option - A) - Create Product Catalogue & Integrate Automation - eCommerce platforms

If you're running an off the shelf e-commerce like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or the others that we support, then your product catalogue is automatically imported once you have installed the appropriate module into your website.

For other eCommerce platforms, refer to their documentation on creation of product catalogues.

Website Integration

Step 2 (Option B) - Create Product Catalogue  - non eCommerce platforms

If you have a non-eCommerce site but still want to collect product reviews (for example, if you are in the service industry, or you sell custom hand-made items not available elsewhere) then the creation of a product catalogue is a fairly straightforward but manual process.

Follow the link below for detailed instructions on this step:-

Further from this, if you are looking to automate the review collection process with a non eCommerce platform, you can do so via our BCC integration or API integration (requires developer knowledge). 

Step 3 - Contact Past Customers via our Review Booster Function. 

Review Booster enables you to start collecting customer feedback immediately by sending review invitations to previous customers.

By supplying a list of customers, email addresses and order identification numbers can automatically contact all your recent orders for a review request, using one of your customised email invitations.

You can send as many invitations in your Review Booster as you like, subject to the monthly review invitation limit on your chosen package.  You can go back several weeks or months.

Follow the link below for detailed instructions on this step:-

In Summary

Once you have followed all the steps above, you are well on your way to collecting reviews! You have created an automated invitation to go out to your future customers, and contacted your past customers for a review request via our booster. 

Once you have received an amount of reviews you are happy with (give it a little while) then you can begin looking to publish on site.

For instructions to do so see here.  

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