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Integration: Salesforce Optional Configuration
Integration: Salesforce Optional Configuration

Additional configuration settings

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We provide components, pages and reports so that you can further configure your Salesforce App.


⭐️ This feature is only available on Professional and above Plans

⚡️ In order to access this feature you would need to activate the 'Salesforce' bolt on from our Subscription page which you can find here.

Reply to Review

The Salesforce App has its own Review Case Lightning Record Page, however, you can add the Reply to Review Lightning Component (ReviewCaseReply) to your existing Case Lightning Record Page.

Quick Company Review Invite

The Salesforce App has its own Case and Contact Lightning Record Pages, however, you can add the Quick Invite Lightning Components (ReviewCaseInvite and ReviewContactInvite) to your existing Case and Contact Lightning Record Pages.

If you use Person Accounts you can add the Lightning component ReviewAccountInvite to your Account Lightning Record Page. This uses the Name and Email from the hidden custom fields Review Name and Review Email to invite a review. Create a workflow and field update to populate these fields with the Person Account Name and Person Email.

Review Invitation History

See a history of review invitations sent from your Salesforce app. These will be linked to contacts if sent from a process flow Apex class or list view Quick Invite button. BCC Integration

Send your Order Confirmation emails to our Bcc Integration address to automatically send review invitations using the custom email invitations template set up in

Your BCC email address takes the following form:-


For support on configuring BCC emails, read this article.

Configure for Salesforce Mobile App

The Reviews Timeline and Reviews can be added to your Salesforce Mobile App.Go to Setup and search for Salesforce Navigation, then add Timeline to your selected Mobile Navigation list:

To see Review details and Reply to Reviews in the Salesforce Mobile App, edit your Review, Question and Product Review Page Layouts in Object Manager and add the Visualforce Pages called Mobile Review and ReviewsReplyCallOut to the Mobile Cards pane:

Customize Standard Page Layouts

You can customize your App further by:

Adding Related List of Reviews to your Account and Contact Page Layouts. 

Multiple Quick Company Review Invites

Quick Company Review Invite List Buttons can be added to your List View in Search Layouts for Accounts, Cases and Contacts.

This provides the functionality of selecting multiple Accounts, Cases and Contacts from a List View and clicking Quick Company Review Invite to send invitations to all those selected.

Validation within ensures that emails are only sent to an email address once.

Reviewer’s Location

A sample Visualforce Page that displays the Reviewer’s location on a Google Map is provided. To enable this:

Step 1

  • Navigate to Setup

  • Search for Maps and Location Settings

  • Enable Maps and Location Services (powered by Google). 

Step 2

  • Navigate to Setup

  • Search for Visualforce Pages

  • Click on Reviews Map (this is a sample)

  • Copy the Visualforce markup code

  • Paste code into a new Visualforce page

  • Enable commented our lines by removing the <-- and  --> HTML tags

  • Give your new Visualforce Page a name and label

  • Tick box labelled Available for Lightning Experience

  • Click Save

Step 3

  • Add the new Visualforce page to your Review, Question and Product Review page layouts

Review Reports and Dashboard

Sample reports are provided in the Review Reports folder. Create your own reports or modify existing reports and add them to your Reviews Dashboard. 

Quick Text

This requires the 'Dynamic Link' Bolt on.

Generate a link using Dynamic Link and include it Quick Text.

  • Select Quick Text in App Launcher.

  • Click New Quick Text.

  • Enter a Quick Text Name e.g. Invite a Review in Live Chat.

  • Enter a Message that includes your Dynamic Link (for example, "Click this link to leave a review".

  • You can use suitable merge fields.

Enter the channels where you want to use your Quick Text

e.g. Live Agent and Email

e.g Omni-Channel conversation window

  • Click the Quick Text button and select your Review Quick Text.

Your review Quick Text is sent to live chat.

When the customer clicks the link, they are able to write a review. Asynchronous Apex Class provide an Apex Class called Reviews_IO__ReviewInviteV6 which is available as an Apex Action Type in Process Builder.

This can be used in a flow to invite Product Reviews when an Opportunity is Closed Won or when an Asset is created.

The Apex class accepts Apex Variables of Ids which can be set to either Opportunity or Asset Ids:

The class will invite Company Reviews from Opportunity or Asset Contacts which have the checkbox Invite Review from Process Flow clicked. If Opportunity or Asset products exist then Product Reviews are invited. A Review Invitation History report is also available.

Salesforce Support Enquiry Form

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If you have any specific questions or require any further help, we have also created a SalesForce & support form.

Please click here to log a support ticket for Salesforce Integration (Google Forms)

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