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Integration: Salesforce App Configuration Guide
Integration: Salesforce App Configuration Guide
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Updated over a week ago’s integration with Salesforce allows you to collect, manage and publish review content across multiple platforms, all from within the Salesforce environment.


⭐️ This feature is only available on Professional and above Plans

⚡️ In order to access this feature you would need to activate the 'Salesforce' bolt on from our Subscription page which you can find here.

Instructions ⚙️

Important Note

As the Salesforce App is built using Lightning Components, My Domain must be set in your Salesforce Org for it to work. Go to Setup and search for My Domain and ensure you have created your Domain.

App Configuration Guide

The first step is to synchronise Salesforce with the App.

Synchronize App

  • Login to Salesforce

  • Navigate to Setup and search for Manage Connected Apps

  • Click Edit next to Sync

  • Navigate to the App Launcher in the top left of Salesforce

  • Click Save

  • Select Sync

  • You will be prompted with an option of Production or Sandbox.

  • Enter your login credentials in the appropriate fields and authorise the app

Multi Domain

If you wish to connect your Salesforce Org to multiple Dashboards then sync to a single and then let us know which additional Dashboards need to be synced using the contact information in the footer below.


  • Login to your Salesforce Organisation as a System Administrator.

  • Navigate to App Launcher in the top left of your screen

  • Under All Items, select Credentials

Update Company/Domain with the company domain from your Dashboard Account Information Website URL e.g.

Update API Key, Domain and Store Key with the information from your Dashboard.

  • Integrations>> API

Company Name should be set to whatever you want your Company to be referred to within the app.

If you wish to enable Multi Domain then add credentials for each Dashboard you wish to sync to your Salesforce Org.

Reviews Permissions Set

  • Navigate to Setup

  • Search for and click on Permission Sets

  • Click Reviews Permission Set

  • Click Manage Assignments

  • Click Add Assignments

  • Select the users who require access to App and click Assign.

  • The process is complete. Visit the Salesforce User Guide for information on using

Need more help?

For further help, just sent an email over to or contact us on Live Chat or telephone. Details in the footer of this site.

Salesforce Support Enquiry Form

Salesforce Integration Support Form

If you have any specific questions or require any further help, we have also created a SalesForce & support form.

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