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Integration: Salesforce App User Guide
Integration: Salesforce App User Guide
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Updated over a week ago’s integration with Salesforce allows you to collect, manage and publish review content across multiple platforms, all from within the Salesforce environment.


⭐️ This feature is only available on Professional and above Plans

⚡️ In order to access this feature you would need to activate the 'Salesforce' bolt on from our Subscription page which you can find here.

Instructions ⚙️

Note: This collection consists of an App Configuration Guide, thisApp User Guide and Optional Configuration Guides. Please complete the App Configuration Guide before attempting to use the Salesforce App. App User Guide


  • Reviews are collected by and then pushed into Salesforce.

  • The Salesforce App allows users to manage and invite reviews from within Salesforce.


  • Reply to reviews and forward reviews.

  • Answer questions and forward questions.

  • Invite quick company reviews.

  • Invite quick product reviews.

  • Add Tags to reviews.

  • Add a Branch to reviews.

  • Convert a Review to a Case.

  • Automatically invite reviews using Process Builder.

  • Automatically create cases for poor reviews using Process Builder.

  • Connect Reviews to Marketing Cloud

  • Sync Reviews with Analytics

  • Lightning and Mobile

  • Manage reviews using the Salesforce Mobile App

  • Reviews automatically linked to contacts

Reviews Timeline

The Timeline shows your Company Reviews, Local Reviews, Product Reviews and Questions.

You see the reviewer's name, comment, rating, review type, review status, tags, branch, review age and replies.

You can scroll through reviews and click next or previous page

You can see an overview of your Review Statistics

Within the filter, you can:

  • Search by name or comment

  • Filter by date, review type, status, replies and rating

Quick Review Invitation

You can quickly invite a customer to leave a product or company review.

Review tab

Click through from the Timeline to see in-depth Review Details such as source, reply history, reviewer’s description.

Manage a review by replying, answering or forwarding the review.

Product Reviews are automatically linked to your Salesforce Product Catalogue on SKU.

Use standard Salesforce Activities such as Email, Tasks and Events.

Add a Review Tag or Branch so that you can group your reviews.

Tags, Branches, Replies and Answers are synced back to

You can also convert a review to a Case

See reviewers location on Google Maps.

Reviews are automatically linked to your Account Contacts using the reviewers' email address. Here you can manage the review account and contact details.

Review Dashboard

The dashboard contains a number of useful reports and if you need a breakdown, you can click on the Report link at the bottom of each module.

Sentiment analysis

Our Sentiment Analysis report gives you an overview of the most used positive and negative words in your reviews, so you can quickly gauge if there is an issue that needs your attention without reading through all of your reviews.

Reviews breakdown

The Reviews Breakdown report gives you an overall view of the number of reviews of each star rating, with further information on individual reviews in the report itself.

Promotors, passives and detractors shows further analysis

You also have a running total of the number of views of your Company Reviews Profile Page on

NPS also features as a report

The Review Responses report tells you how many reviews have been responded to

Review Cases shows the status of Cases converted from Reviews

Multi Domain

Your Salesforce org can be synced to multiple Dashboards.

If Multi Domain is enabled then your reviews in the Timeline are labelled with the Company/Domain and you can filter by Company/Domain

Select the Company/Domain name in Quick Review Invitation:

If you reply to a review then the app will automatically reply on behalf of the correct Company/Domain.

You can also specify the Company/Domain when using automated review invitations from Process Builder or else use a default Company/Domain.

Need more help?

For further help, Use our live chat or complete our Salesforce support form.

Salesforce Integration Support Form

If you have any specific questions or require any further help, we have also created a Salesforce & support form. Please click here to log a support ticket for Salesforce.

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