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Showing voucher codes to review authors
Increase your sales & incentivise customers to write reviews by showing discount code next to "thank you" message on your review collector page. When voucher code is active, it's recommended to mention it in your invitation template and change subject line to "Review and get a 10% Voucher Code" or similar.

Unique Voucher Codes (Shopify Only)
Create unique voucher codes by using the [order_id] placeholder in your voucher code e.g. "20%OFF-[order_id]". Our system will then automatically add your customers order reference to the voucher code given to them when they write a review and create the unique voucher code in your Shopify account. This is compatible with invites queued and sent from and will not work if you send invites using a dynamic link.

You can offer voucher codes to all reviewers using this setting. Select Setup Voucher Code on the right of the screen.

Voucher codes are offered to all clients whether they write a positive or negative review, and they receive their code on review submission.

Please inform your customers that their voucher code is displayed on the Thank You page after they have submitted the review.

You must set up a voucher code in your own ecommerce platform or website to match the code you enter here.(Not relevant for Shopify Unique Voucher Codes)

We also integrate with Loyalty Lion and

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