The in-depth statistics screen gives your data about all your reviews which you can export as .csv files by section. 

You may filter the statistics by date by entering them in the box at the top, otherwise the data will reflect all historic reviews in your account.


The reputation section gives you information concerning your current total review score and numbers on the platform, a breakdown of your star ratings, your historic review ratings in your Rating Timeline, and also your NPS score.

Invitation email delivery

Historical statistics on email delivery are found in this section.  See the total number of emails sent, the open rate, click-through-rate and the bounce rates.

Company review conversion

This panel gives you the total number of review invitations sent and your overall conversion rate.

Product review conversion

If you are collecting product reviews, you can see historical review conversion rates and total invitations sent here.  You can also see conversion rate by day.

Reviews in numbers

Report on the number of reviews as a percentage to which your business has replied, and the number of photo reviews you have collected.

Sentiment Analysis

See common phrases for your positive and negative company and product reviews here to get an at-a-glance idea of main areas of feedback from your customer.  This is a great place to check to see if you have any recurring customer service issues which you can resolve.

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