Influence is a solution consisting of three parts, Discover, Engage and Publish.  It's a suite of tools designed for businesses to leverage influential customers and non-customer content on Instagram to increase reach, engagement and revenue.

Influence: Discover allows you to find customers, reviewers and mentions of your company on Instagram, and provides you with a feed of Instagram activity from these users.

  • Navigate to Influence >> Discover

  • If you haven't already connected your Instagram account, click Login with Facebook

In the Facebook popup, click Continue

In the next screen, click OK

Once connected, you'll see your instagram account in the top right of the screen, and content will populate on the left of the screen.

How to use Influence: Discover

The left side of your screen shows all the influencers we have identified who have interacted with your business.


The right hand side of your screen allows you to filter this list using any criteria you choose.  You can order the list by number of followers or the date.

You can further filter by Instagram category.  Categories are sourced from the self-attributed categories chosen by Instagram users.

Filter by Instagram verified or not verified users here.

Filter by location by clicking on flags in this panel. Location is sourced from the geo-location attributed to an individual Instagram post at the time it was posted by the influencer.

Filter by activity on in this panel, including purchases, company, product and local reviews.

Getting detailed information

Click on an influencer and you'll see more information, including when they shopped with you, whether you have sent them a review invitation, their number of followers, their contact details and more detailed statistics.

If you have filtered by Photo Reviews, you can see a list like the ones below.  The review content is automatically added to the photo.

There is no minimum follower count for your customer to appear in this list.  As long as they have an instagram account you'll be able to see their details.

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