Instagram is a solution consisting of three parts, Discover, Engage and Publish.  It's a suite of tools designed for businesses to leverage influential customers and non-customer content on Instagram to increase reach, engagement and revenue.

Instagram: Engage gives you the opportunity to interact with influencers who are mentioning your business online.  Whenever an Instagram users mention your company in a post, it will appear in this list.

You're able to request image rights for any posts which you can then use in your own marketing materials.

Real user-generated Instagram content can be so beneficial for your brand and this tool allows you to leverage it to its potential


  • Active account

  • Active Instagram Business account

  • Active Facebook Business account

  • Instagram Influence Bolt-on


  • Log into

  • Navigate to Influence >> Engage


How to use Instagram: Engage

Click Login with Facebook

If you haven't already connected your Instagram account to Instagram: Engage, just follow the steps in the Facebook popup to connect your account. You'll need to be logged in to Instagram.

Once your account is connected, you will see a list of posts by Instagram users who have mentioned your brand.

Please note:

The Engage Photo Gallery is listed by date_created so you are aware of new images and request permission for all

Please Note: Images where you are "tagged" will not show in the Engage feature, only mentions.

Requesting Image Rights

To use customer images in your marketing, you'll need to get their permission.  Influence: Engage gives you a quick and simple way to do this.  Simply locate the post whose image you wish to use, and click the Request Permission button.  The poster will be notified by Instagram and will be able to grant permission within Instagram.

Once permission is granted, you'll be able to activate those images for use in your own Influence: Publish widget on site, allowing you to add Instagram content to your site and turn customer pictures into shoppable galleries. (Note, you will need to have at least 10 images toggled as 'ON' for the Publish widget to be available).

To use an image, toggle it On using the toggle button on an approved post.


You can filter the images using the search bar, or by using:

  • Status

  • Media

  • Permission

  • Products

  • Followers

  • Date Created

  • Date Updated

Using the 'More' button, you have the ability to:

  • Add a post that is not in the gallery.

  • Begin building your Instagram Publishable Gallery.

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