Instagram influence is a solution consisting of three parts, Discover, Engage, and Publish.  It's a suite of tools designed for businesses to leverage influential customers and non-customer content on Instagram to increase reach, engagement, and revenue.

Instagram: Publish allows you to use user-generated images from Instagram within a widget on your site.  This widget contains review content and also lets your visitors buy products in shoppable galleries.


  • Active account

  • Active Instagram Business account

  • Active Facebook Business account

  • Instagram Influence Bolt-on


  • Log into

  • Navigate to Instagram >> Publish


Click Login with Facebook

If you haven't already connected your Instagram account to Instagram: Engage, just follow the steps in the Facebook popup to connect your account. You'll need to be logged in to Instagram.

To source images to use in your shoppable Instagram widget, you'll first need to request permission from your customers and choose which images you wish to use in the Instagram: Engage module. Click here for instructions on how to do that before proceeding with this article.

The Publish section gives you the options required to create your on-page Instagram widgets (Note you need at least 10 active images for the widget to be accessible) and consists of a number of sections with a number of visual options.  Once all sections are completed, you can gain access to the code required to copy to your site just as you would with any other widget.

Widget type

Choose from Carousel, Fullpage Grid, or Fullpage Collage. To close and open the lower panel, click the green arrow to see your widget preview. To navigate through the options, click the dots.

Choose Layout

There are three widget layouts to choose from.

The carousel widget is a wide-format widget that lets your customers scroll through the content using the arrows on either side.  You can customize the image sizes using the Cell Size dropdown menu, and choose whether the arrows appear on hover or are always visible.

Full-page Grid

A full-page widget with cells of equal size.

Full-page Collage

A full-page widget with cells of different sizes.

Customize Hover Effects

This panel lets you change the behaviour of the overlays that a customer sees when hovering over each image.

The following options are permitted:

  • Foreground Color (rgba)

  • Background Color (rgba)

  • Hover Rating Stars Colour (rgba)

  • Grid Margin (px)

  • Hover Margin (px)

  • Show Icon (On/Off)

  • Show Buton (On/Off)

  • Show Rating Stars (On/Off)

  • Show Username (On/Off)

  • Show Text (On/Off)

  • Show Date (On/Off)

Customize CTA Button

The default "Shop Now" button can be changed to look however you like.

The following options are permitted:

  • Button Text

  • Button Type

  • Button Padding

Customize Modal

When the "Shop Now" button is clicked, a modal (window) pops up containing the full Instagram post.

The following options are permitted:

  • Modal Button Text

  • Modal Button Type

  • Modal Button Color (rgba)

  • Modal Button Text Color (rgba)

  • Modal Button Padding

  • Modal Rating Stars Color (rgba)

  • Modal Overlay Color (rgba)

  • Show Text (On/Off)

  • Show Rating Stars (On/Off)

  • Open Links in new tab (On/Off)

  • Show Date (On/Off)

  • Show Share Icon (On/Off)

  • Modal Button Hover (On/Off)

Customize Text

You can customize the text in the modal popup.

The following options are permitted:

  • Comment Text Font Family

  • Italic (On/Off)

  • Bold (On/Off)

  • Accent Text Font Family

  • Italic (On/Off)

  • Bold (On/Off)

Choose Categories

If you have categories or tags attached to any of your Instagram photos, you may choose to display only those tagged photos here.  Tagging is set up in the Instagram: Engage section of your dashboard.

Widget Code

Copy the widget code from this page once you have chosen your options, and past it into your site where you wish the widget to show.


You can also add the below code when initializing the widget (underneath the store parameter), to hide the load more option at the end of the widget :

hideLoadMore: false

If you subsequently decide to change how your widget looks on your site, you'll need to change your options in this section and re-copy the updated widget code, and then add it to your site again.

Please note:

Our widgets do display images by date_updated which is picked up from the dashboard and not from images being updated within Instagram.

The date_updated in our dashboard updates when someone in the account changes the show/hide image option or tags an image with products.

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