Influence is a solution consisting of three parts, Discover, Engage and Publish.  It's a suite of tools designed for businesses to leverage influential customers and non-customer content on Instagram to increase reach, engagement and revenue.

Setting up: Engage link (Paid Bolt on)

Setting up: Publish link (Paid Bolt on)

Setting up: Discover link (Paid Bolt on)

Influence: Discover allows you to find customers, reviewers and mentions of your company on Instagram, and provides you with a feed of Instagram activity from these users.

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Influence: Engage gives you the opportunity to interact with influencers who are mentioning your business online.  Whenever an Instagram users tags your company in a post, it will appear in this list.

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Influence: Publish allows you to use  user generated images from Instagram within a widget on your site.  This widget contains review content and also lets your visitors buy products in shoppable galleries.

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