The Dynamic link allows you to send review invitations using your own email servers or marketing solution (e.g Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, Mailchimp etc.).  It works by generating a link which you can add to your CTA button.  This link contains customer information which notifies our servers that they are a verified customer, and directs the customer to your review collector page.


In order to access this feature you would need to activate the 'Dynamic Link' bolt on from our Subscription page which you can find here.


  • Sign into your Dashboard

  • At the top of the dashboard select Collection >>> Dynamic Link


Once in the page you can find the Dynamic link template which can be used in your automated email campaigns or checkout process. Please be sure to setup your system to automatically prefill the placeholders in the link with the correct customer information, and ensure you provide the store, order_id & user parameters as the dynamic URL will not work without these.

Your Dynamic Link should look like this before you prefill the placeholders in your email platform:<customer name>&order_id=<order reference>&email=<customer email address>&products=<product sku>&type=<review type>

Please be sure to setup your system to automatically prefill the placeholders, those being: 

  • <customer name> - The name of the customer.

  • <order reference> - Any unique identifying number or code to ensure they are a customer of your business. 

  • <customer email address> - The email address of your customer. 

  • <product SKU> - If collecting product reviews or combined, you would need the SKU of the product as setup in your product feed, available here. 

  • <review type> - Company, Product, Combined or Third Party.

If you were using Klaviyo for your dynamic link, see here for our article on how to integrate Klaviyo.

Manual Dynamic Link Generator (Optional)

Alternatively, you may also use the Dynamic Link Generator to create a link manually.

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