The Customers Voice iOS app is a great way to quickly turn reviews and photos into engaging Instagram posts.  It's free for all customers.  Download it for your iOS device by clicking below.

How the Customers Voice app works.

This video is the best way to show you how it works, so take a look:

Once the app is downloaded you'll be presented with a login screen.  Log in using your account credentials.

Click the "Create Content" button and you'll be presented with a list of your reviews.

You can organise your reviews by clicking on the "Organise Reviews" dropdown. You have three options:

  • Reviews with image

  • Reviews without image

  • Reviews with image and text

To get started, it's probably best to choose a review containing an image so you have something to work with.

Click on a review and you'll be presented with a list of image templates to choose from, with a range of layouts available.

Once you've chosen, you'll be presented with the image template populated with the image and review content, including comment, star rating and name of the customers.

Tap on any text element to amend it.  Drag on any element to move it

Change the colour of background elements by tapping and choosing the colour.

Resize and move your image by pinching or dragging.

Once you're happy with the image, click the "Download" icon at the top of your screen.  You can then use this image from your Camera Roll over in Instagram

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