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Integration: Salesforce Optional Configuration - Process Builder
Integration: Salesforce Optional Configuration - Process Builder

How to use - Salesforce Integration in Process Builder

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The following document will go over optional configurations within process builder for our salesforce integration.


⭐️ This feature is only available on Professional and above Plans

⚡️ In order to access this feature you would need to activate the 'Salesforce' bolt on from our Subscription page which you can find here.

Instructions ⚙️

Create actions using Process Builder

For example

  • Create a case when a negative review is received.

  • Send an alert when a negative review is received.

  • Post to a Chatter Group when either a negative or positive review is received.

  • Add an Account Contact to a Marketing Campaign when a positive review is received.

  • Invite a Company Review when a Case is closed.

  • Invite a Product Review when an Opportunity is closed won or an Asset is created.

Follow these steps to create a flow using Process Builder to create a case when a negative review is received.

  • Create a new flow in Process Builder

  • Add the Review Object:

  • Add criteria of Review Value is 1 or 2:

  • Select and define an action to create a Case with your required field values.

  • Activate the flow.

You can include other Salesforce action types such as Email Alerts:

Or Post to Chatter:

Use Process Builder to create a flow that includes an Email Alert action:

Specify Template and pass Branch and Order Id

Set the custom fields Template Id, Branch and Order Number on the opportunity to specify a particular Email Template and pass Branch or Order Id to be used in the template.

  • Invite the company review by calling the Apex class Reviews_IO__ReviewCmpInviteV6

  • Set the Apex variable Id to the Opportunity Id:

  1. The process flow will send the company review to the Opportunity Contact Roles specified in the Credentials Contact Type setting:

Available values are:

  • Primary: The review invitation is sent to the Primary Contact.

  • Selected: Contacts with the custom checkbox ‘Invite Review from Process Flow’ set to true will receive an invitation. This is the default.

  • All: All Opportunity Contact Roles receive a review invitation.

You can also use the Apex class Reviews_IO__ReviewCmpInviteV6 to send Product or Company Reviews. The Opportunity Products will be used for the Product Reviews.

Send a Company Review Invitation from a Process Builder flow based on any object that has a Contact

  • Update the Review Template Id on the contact if you want to specify a template, otherwise the default template will be used:

  • Call the Apex class Reviews_IO__ReviewsInviteContactAsync. Set Apex variable contact to the contact available on the object:

Salesforce Support Enquiry Form

Need more help?

If you have any specific questions or require any further help, we have also created a Salesforce & support form.

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