Generate a link using Dynamic Link and include it in your Service Cloud Live Chat.


  • This feature is only available on Professional and above Plans

  • In order to access this feature you would need to activate the 'Salesforce' & 'Dynamic Link' bolt on from our Subscription page which you can find here.


  • Navigate to Service Setup

  • Search for Chat Buttons & Invitations in Quick Find.

  • Edit your Chat Button

  • Enter your generated Dynamic Link in Chat Button CustomizationPost-Chat URL and Save.

At the end of your live chat, your customer can be prompted to Give Feedback as follows.

When the customer opts to give their feedback, they'll be able write it directly in your Salesforce Chat window.

Salesforce Support Enquiry Form

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If you have any specific questions or require any further help, we have also created a SalesForce & support form.

Please click here to log a support ticket for Salesforce Integration (Google Forms)

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