Absolutely not. The basis for the REVIEWS.io platform is transparency, trust and honesty, and our policy with regards to review removal is, and always has been, that no genuine, verified and factually-correct review will ever be deleted from a company page, regardless of its star rating.

To protect consumers and businesses, we of course have review content and moderation policies in place, which prevent spam, defamatory or factually incorrect reviews from being displayed. However, the existence of such policies in no way affect the impartiality of our platform.

As long as your review follows the following general guidelines then it will always remain visible on REVIEWS.io:-

  • You are a verified customer of a business with proof of purchase

  • Your review does not contain profanity or other objectionable content

  • Your review does not contain the names of individuals of a particular business

  • Your review is factually correct

If you have any concerns about the validity of any review visible on REVIEWS.io then email our moderation team at support@reviews.io and we will conduct a full and impartial investigation.

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