Dynamic link allows you to send Review Invitations in your own emails. Visit this support article for more information.


Generate a link using REVIEWS.io Dynamic Link and include it in a Pardot Email Template:

  1. Create a custom formula field in the Salesforce Contact object with a field label of say Dynamic Link.

2. The formula is of the format:


Where test-account-for-videos is your REVIEWS.io Store Key.

In Pardot>Pardot Settings>Object and Field Configuration>Prospect Fields. Create a Custom Field for the Dynamic Link field created in Salesforce.

The field is then available in Pardot as a Variable Tag %%Dynamic_Link%%

3. Create a Pardot Email Template and add the link with URL www.reviews.io/%%dynamic_link%%

4. Use the Pardot Email Template to send emails which include the REVIEWS.io Dynamic Link to Pardot Campaign or Opportunity Prospects.

Salesforce Support Enquiry Form

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If you have any specific questions or require any further help, we have also created a Salesforce & REVIEWS.io support form.

Please click here to log a support ticket for Salesforce REVIEWS.io Integration (Google Forms)

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