[Optional] Changing The Email Being Sent

A great way to re-engage customers, is sending an invitation, using another template.

​If you want to change the template being used to resend your invitations, you will need to switch your 'reminder email' template to 'Active' at this page here: https://dash.reviews.io/#/templates.

Note: all other templates should be switched to inactive for this process to work.

Then head back to your invitations page (Reviews setup >> Invitation History)

Select all the invitations that you would like to reassign by ticking the box. Then head here and select REASSIGN TEMPLATE:

Resending Review Invitations

To resend an invitation to clients who have not responded, you would have to navigate to Reviews Setup >> Invitation History. You will reach the Review Invitations History page seen below.

1 . Click on the Status field which will provide a dropdown menu. Select 'Not Responded'.

Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to the empty field Click on the empty field and select 'Display 100 Results'. shown below. ​

Located next to the empty box button that you checked and you will be able to select 'Resend' to resend invitations to all the checked invitations displayed on this page.

​If you require assistance with this, please do not hesitate to use the live chat in the bottom right of your dashboard and a dedicated support member will be able to assist.

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