If you are looking to set your widgets to show specific ratings then we do have some codes that you can add to your widgets to achieve this.


  • Active REVIEWS.io account


If you are looking to ONLY show positive reviews on your widgets, please be sure to take this first step:

  • Log in to REVIEWS.io

  • Navigate to Publishing >> Publishing Settings

  • Scroll to Widget Content


  1. Check you have the setting 'Include Negative Reviews' unticked within this page

  2. Once unticked, save your changes.

However, some of our newer widgets do use a separate setting which is outlined below.

You can view all available widgets by going to Publishing >> Widget Library.

min_rating: 4,

Add the above code below the product_review setting in the widget code

You can add the below code to your widget configuration for the Rating Snippet

minRating: 4

Carousel/Card Carousel Widgets

The minimum review rating will already be added to the Carousel widgets by default, but you can change this within the code if you wanted to show a lower percentage or higher percentage, you would just need to change the value in the code below

//Minimum star rating
min_review_percent: 4,

If you are using our Elements Widget and wanted to only show postive company reviews please add the code shown below above enable_social_sharing: true, within the widget code.

min_rating: 4,

Then to only show positive product reviews in the widget please add the below above SKU, within the widget code.

min_rating: 4,

You can change the 4 within this code to any rating of your choice.

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