Many businesses collect great reviews but forget to show them off on their website. We have a full widget library where you can install any widget from our collection, helping you to convert more customers.

Which widget should you choose?

There is no one size fits all, but to make your decision easier we have created the following diagrams as a guide based on the information you might want to publish.

Carousel Widgets:

Floating Widgets:

Vertical Widgets:

When to use badges?

Badges are great for displaying your ratings at a glance on any page but can be a useful addition to footers of a website, landing pages and the homepage. All our badges are for displaying Company Reviews only and are all mobile-friendly.

If you collect 3rd party/local reviews and/or product reviews, to avoid a discrepancy with the number of reviews showing on other widgets we recommend going for the ‘Trust Badge Image’ which can be found in the widget library.

If you would like any advice or assistance with widget installation please contact a member of our team and we’d be happy to help.


What widgets are available on my subscription?

You can see the breakdown of widgets available based on subscription level by clicking here.

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