Additional Questions feature allows customers to ask additional questions during the review collection process using preset attribute fields.

These can be captured during product or company review collection and can provide deeper insights into the product or service.

We can also collect insights from the customer using Reviewer Attributes which enables you to capture insights about your customers.*Read this article*


  • Growing Business Plan and above.


  • Head to Collection >> Collector Page


On the right hand side, there is a tab to add additional questions, or Product Attributes:

These are the types of Additional Questions fields:

  • Star Rating: Ask additional questions for customers to rate.

  • Choice: Customers can select single attribute from multiple options.

  • Multiple Choice: Customers can select multiple attributes from multiple options.

  • Centered Select : Great for measuring deviation from standard.

  • Text: Add/edit additional free text questions.

  • Yes / No : Customers must select a single option.

EXAMPLES : Additional Questions field types.

Star Rating

  • Comfort

  • Delivery

  • Performance

Choice /Multiple Choice

  • Great Gift, Well Made, Excellent Value,

Centered Select

  • Quality (Poor - Excellent)

  • Design (Poor - Excellent)

  • Sizing (Runs Small, True to Size, Runs Large)

Yes / No

  • Does this product suit your needs?

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