Product Grouping is a vital tool used to group variant(s) of a product that may not be direct variants in your Shopify product catalogue. When the setting is active, groups will be used to determine the review stats in widgets, For example providing the SKU of one product in a group, will return all reviews from that product group.


  • Shopify Integration Enabled


  • Navigate to Integrations

  • Select Shopify.

  • Navigate to Advanced Settings in the top left corner of the Shopify Page.

  • Then you will need to tick Enable Manual Product Groups to the enabled side

  • From here now you will need to select Collection >> Product Catalogue.

  • Select Product Groups.


From here you can:

  • Create Product Groups

  • Add Products to existing groups

  • Edit and Delete existing groups details

Once you have done so, if a SKU is picked up from that particular group, all SKUs within that group will automatically display through our widgets.

If you aren't using Shopify, but would like to enquire about this feature being available for your relevant Ecommerce platform, feel free to contact our team and we can discuss this.

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