1. Login to Reviews.io

  2. Click Reviews Setup > Widget gallery

  3. Select Carousel Widget

This widget has a wide variety of customisable features which will allow you to style it nicely with your brand! These customisation options include:

  • Widget Colour

  • Font size and colour

  • Star Colour

  • Content Displayed (Company, Product and Local Reviews available)

See below for an in depth overview of your styling options.

General Settings:

Header Settings:

Reviews Settings:

Popup Settings:

Layout Settings:

Once you have finished fine tuning your widget to you liking you can then hit the 'Get Installation Code Button' and you will be able to either copy the code or email it to one of your team members!

If you are interested in a paid professional installation by our developers, feel free to use the live chat in the bottom right to request a professional installation.

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