Card Carousel Widget

A scroll-able card carousel with a header on the side. Displays Reviews, Photos, Videos and feedback from 3rd Party Platforms.

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This widget has a large variety of Customisation options which can allow you to match it up nicely with your site/brand! These customisation options Include:

  • Card Colour

  • Font size and colour

  • Star Colour

  • Content Displayed (Company, Product and Local Reviews available)


  • Login to

  • Publishing >>> Widget Library

  • Card Carousel Widget

Instructions ⚙️

General Settings:

Header Settings:

Reviews Settings:

Pop-up Settings:

Layout Settings:

Once you have finished fine tuning the Widget to you liking you can then hit the

'Get Installation Code Button' and you will be able to either copy the code or email it to one of your Team Members!


Can the Full Width Carousel Widget display the product reviews associated with the product on that page like the Product Reviews Widget?

Yes it can. In the widget code you have a field to enter the SKU's you would like to display.

Shopify User Example: you would enter the following in the SKU section of the code -

sku: "{{ product.variants | map: 'sku' | join: ';' }};{{ product.variants | map: 'id' | join: ';' }}",

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