Here's a quick guide to get up and running with review collection with your account right away!

Table of Contents

  1. Set Timezone

  2. Create Invitation Email

  3. Connect Magento

  4. Setup Collector Page

  5. Contact Past Customers

1. Set Timezone

First things first, once signed into the dashboard you will need to set your Timezone. This can be achieved by selecting REVIEWS SETUP >> COUNTRY SETTINGS.

From the dropdown, select your desired timezone so that your review requests are sent at an appropriate time.

2. Setup your Customised Automated Email invitation

You'll first need an email template in order to begin collecting reviews. You have a couple of choices pending on your goals:

  • Company Review Request: By collecting 100 company verified reviews, you will gain stars in your Google AdWords campaigns.

  • Product Review Request: 50 product reviews (in total) will give you stars in your Google Shopping Adverts. You can read more about the requirements here.

  • Combined Review Request: Ask for a company review first and then a product review in the one email if you are looking to collect both. RECOMMENDED!

  • Local Review Request: For asking for reviews on any third party sites you may have integrated. See here to set this up.

  • Amazon Review Request: For asking for review requests from your Amazon store.

Note: The In-Email Form is only available for Company, Product and Combined Review Requests.

Follow the link below for instructions to create your email templates.

Create your Customised Email Template

Once you have created your email template, hit save, and set to ACTIVE in the top right hand corner for automated emails to begin queuing. Please note the Send After is from when your order is marked as Dispatched in Magento.

3. Magento Integration


Click Magento

Follow the prompts to connect the Magento integration.

4. Setup Your Collector Page

The collector page is where you can ask additional questions, collect reviewer details, photo/video content and display voucher codes to incentivise a review.

You have full control over what you would like to ask here, and this can be edited by heading to REVIEWS SETUP >> COMPANY REVIEW SETUP.


There you will be presented with a variety of options to ask additional questions and collect UCG. You can read more about this here.

5. Contact Past Customers (Optional)

To begin contacting your past customers, you can do so by using our Review Booster function. A guide to do so is available here.

Feel free to use the live chat at any time to have our support and success team run over the account to ensure you are on track with setup and success.

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