Many retailers now have websites available in multiple languages which supports by allowing retailers to control which language(s) are displayed to customers.

This article will explain how to efficiently manage the review collection and display process across multiple languages on one website.


  • Active account


Please note that every account has a Default Language.

If your default language is incorrect, please contact our Support team via Live Chat or email and we can change this for you.

Collector Page Settings

All text changes would need to be made to the ‘Default’ language in your Collector Page settings.

Then when you select to view a different language, the changes would automatically translate to other secondary languages.

Once you have made the changes to the default language, you are able to edit the translations that are set to the secondary language.

This is specifically relevant for DE Informal.

If you are looking to use DE Informal, please read our DE Informal Collector Article

Please note: You can also change the language of the Email Template and this will also change the language on the Collector Page. If you were looking to use the Customer's browser settings then you would need to use the option 'default' in the Email Template. (This will only push the translation to both the Email Template and Collector Page if you are using the Layout: Form)


  • Please be aware that some questions can’t be translated, such as the default Product Review question and Net Promoter Score.

  • When making changes to the configurations within the Default Language, it’s best to double-check that auto-translations are still correct once saved.

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