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Multilingual Set-up: Review Auto-Language Tagging
Multilingual Set-up: Review Auto-Language Tagging

Automatically tag your reviews with the appropriate language

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When operating a multi-lingual store, it is important that reviews are associated with their relevant language. To achieve this, we utilise our Auto-Tagging functionality.


✅ Active account

Navigation 📍

Log into your account and head to Collection>> Review Tagging.

Activate “Tag reviews with user language” & save your changes, via the Update Tagging Settings button.

These settings are applied for all languages and all future reviews submitted. They will not be applied to any reviews previously submitted.

This will now auto-tag any reviews submitted with the Collector Page language that the user submitted their review on.

For example ‘de’ or ‘en’

If the review and tagged language do not match, this can easily be corrected by accessing the review via the Timeline and adjusting the applied tag there. This can sometimes happen when the user writes their review in a different language.

To correct this, navigate to the Timeline >> find the review which is incorrectly tagged >> add a new tag with the correct language, and delete the incorrect tag.

Based upon this tag applied, it is possible to ensure that users on your website are shown reviews in their language. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to utilise these tags within the Widgets. Please refer to this article for further information.

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