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User Language Tagging Setup


Log into your account and head to Collection>> Review Tagging.

Activate “Tag reviews with user language” & save your changes, via the Update Tagging Settings button.

These settings are copied for all languages.

This will now auto-tag any reviews submitted with the Collector Page language that the user submitted their review on.

For example ‘de’ or ‘en’

If the review and tagged language do not match, this can easily be corrected by accessing the review via the Timeline.

This can sometimes happen when the user writes their review in a different language.

To correct this, navigate to the Timeline >> find the review which is incorrectly tagged>> Add a new tag with the correct language, and delete the incorrect tag.

Displaying the tagged reviews on your site

Product Reviews Widget

  1. When configuring the Product Reviews widget, you will need to configure the appropriate tag to be requested, based upon the language to display.

  2. You can add a new parameter within the script for the Product Reviews widget, within the product_reviews array

  3. This will then just display the reviews with the provided tag. EG; tag: ‘de’,

Carousel Widget

  1. The tag parameter can already be found in the reviews array within the script.

Note: depending on the configuration of your store, it may be necessary to create some custom script to detect what language the user is browsing and to insert this into the Product Reviews Widget code accordingly. Unfortunately, our team is unable to support writing this custom code.

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