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Quickly send replies to reviews from your Email Notifications
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The Quick Replies allow you to reply to your reviews directly from your emails without needing to log in to your REVIEWS.io dashboard.


  • Active REVIEWS.io account


Log into your REVIEWS.io account& go to Account Settings

Then you will need to go into 'Review Notifications'

When in Review Notifications, scroll down to the bottom of the page and there will be a Quick Replies section

You can then add your own Reply Message and can select the Review Type as either a Positive Review or Negative Review.

Once you are happy with your reply message, select 'Add New Reply'

Your replies will then display above this section and you will have the option to delete them if they were no longer required.

Sending a Quick Reply

Firstly, to send a Quick Reply, you must add your preferred contact email address to the Notification Email Recipients at the top of the Review Notifications page.

You can then toggle which reviews you would like to be notified about, make sure to click the ' Update Notification Settings' button to save.

Now your email is added, you will receive an email notification after a review has been submitted, this will look like the example below -

The Email will show -

  • If it is a Positive or Negative

  • Reviewers Name

  • Star Rating

  • Order ID

  • Review Comments

  • Quick Reply options

If you have multiple replies, these options will show and you will be able to select the reply you wish to send by choosing the ' Send Reply' link.

After you have clicked the 'Send Reply' link, you will be redirected to a page where you can adjust the reply if you wanted to make it more personal to the reviewer.

If you are happy with the reply, then you can go ahead and select 'Post public reply'

Your reply should now be added to your dashboard and if it is a public reply, will be shown on your Public Profile page in the next hour.

Viewing your Replies

You can see all review replies from within your Dashboard by logging into your account and going to your Timeline.

You will notice that the reviews that have replies will show a 'replied' tag and the reviews that have no replies will show a 'not-replied' tag.

If you click into the review that has a reply, the reply will show below the customer's review.

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