Referrals are a great way to attract new customers, by allowing your existing customers to refer their friends in exchange for rewards. This article contains:

Reward Customers & Their Friends:

Both sides get rewarded, the referrer and the referee. You can setup the rewards for referrals in this section.

You must have a Referred Friend Reward set for the Referral reward to display in your widgets. Select Add Reward for both Customers, and Friends and setup the reward you would like to provide for each of them.

You can then setup a reward value and applicability from this page here:

Be sure to also add a Reward Name and hit Create when you are done.

Link Sharing Options

Your customers can find their referral link in the widget. They may copy the link or click on Facebook, Twitter icons to share referral link on social networks.

If you select Edit on the above screenshot, you can select the options for which your customers are presented to share their Referral URL.

Hit Save when you are done.

Custom Referral Domains

The custom referral domains function allows you to use your own domain for referral links.

To set this up, hit Create then enter your custom domain. An example of this would be

Once you have added the custom dain, you will need to configure your domain, to do so, supply the above link to your DNS providor for the destination of the CNAME or ALIAS record.

Once complete, refresh the connection status to confirm this.

Referral Landing Page Setup

The Referral Landing Page is the page where visitors go after clicking their referral link. By default, visitors land on the homepage.

NOTE: If you are only using the fullpage widget, you will need to set this landing page to the address of your fullpage widget.

To set this up, hit Edit and add the page address.

Setting your Referral campaign live

Once you have completed the above steps, you can enable the program by toggling your Referral's page to Active.

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