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A guide for setting up Loyalty Tiers within Influence.io
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Setting up a Tiered Program

Adding a Tier

To add your first tier, select Add Tier.

You'll then be presented with a page to set up the following:

  • Name

  • Milestone threshold (how many points needed to reach tier)

  • Icon (choose from default or upload a custom)

  • Perks (Enter a list of any additional perks that you would like to award to customers who are in this tier. Please note that you will need to manage & handle perks manually outside of your Influence system.)

Hit create when you are done and repeat the process for as many tiers as you require.

Tier Program Settings

There are two settings you can change under Tiers Settings.

The first, is your program start date. The customers tier is based on the program start date.

The second, is how the customers achieve the milestones, whether that be points spent or baller points.

Activating your Tier Program

Once you were happy and ready to set your Tier Program live, you can do so by toggling the Loyalty Tiers page the Enable.

Shopify Settings

You can tag Shopify customers with their relevant tier. This allows you to create pages within the store that are only visible by customers with a specific tag, making some tier specific rules easier to manage.

Note: The tagging is a one way system, we can tag the Shopify customers, but tagging the customer in Shopify won’t move them into the relevant tier within influence.io

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