• Head to Customers on the left of your dashboard.

Customer Database

The customer's tab acts as a tool for searching and identifying high profile, and advocates for your brand. Within the customers tab, you can:

  • Sort by:

    • Newest/Oldest in first.

    • Points balance Ascending/Descending.

    • Shopify Created Newest/Oldest first.

    • Referral Count Ascending/Descending.

  • Account Status:

    • Member

    • Guest

    • Excluded

  • Points Balance

    • Is equal to

    • Greater than

    • Is less than

    • Is between

Once filtered, you can use the Export Customers button to export these customers for whatever need you may see fit. An example would be to export your customer who have earned more than 1000 points, as these can be seen as 'VIP' customers.

Individual Profiles

Click on a customer to view an in-depth profile of their interactions with your business.

Within the profile, it will include:

  • Customer details

  • Points Balance

  • Loyalty Tier

  • Referral Link & Completions

  • Points, Referrals, Rewards & Tier history.

  • Order history.

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