We offer two types of widgets; the Full Page Widget & the Floating Widget.

You can design the Full Page Widget if you select Widgets from the left hand menu, then select Full Page Widget.


We offer 3 themes for the full page widget:

  • Minimal

  • Dark

  • Vibrant

This comes down to personal preference, and we suggest clicking through each to see which theme you prefer before making any other significant edits to the widget.


Under the Page Settings Tab, you can style the header or 'banner' of your widget under the header tab.

There are 4 categories of settings that can be changed, see below:

Page Layout

Sections, spacing and advances styles can all be edited under the 'Page Layout' tab.

Buttons, Inputs & Cards

The following sections of the widget can be edited within the Buttons, Inputs & Cards settings tab:

  • Content icons

  • Buttons

  • Content cards

  • Input fields

  • Range slider

  • Content borders

  • Tooltips

Font Styles

Global rules, headings and body text can all be edited under the 'Font Styles' tab.

Text & Icons

You can alter the text & icons under the 'Text & Icons' sub menu.

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