Every user is important to us, therefore we’ve developed REVIEWS.io widgets with accessibility in mind.

Product Review Widget

Our “Product Reviews Widget” and all “Carousel Widgets” are accessible and can be navigated using a keyboard. Users can access different sections of the widget by pressing the “Tab” button and interact with focusable elements by pressing the “Enter” button.

In addition, decorative elements are removed from the “accessibility tree” so screen readers can ignore them which simplifies the structure and makes it easier to navigate. Interactive elements are labeled and described in order to provide more context to the users.

Carousel Widget

The following screen recording shows how users can navigate through “Carousel Widgets”.

Users can scroll through review cards, select a specific review and trigger a popup by pressing the "Enter" button on their keyboard. When the review modal is open, users can navigate through key focusable elements in the popup.

Users can navigate through review photos, expand them, upvote and share reviews. Also, they can access pagination, search reviews and filter results.

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