Searchspring Integration

Display review snippets in search results, recommendations & product listing pages.

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Searchspring replaces your site search with a faster, smarter search and autocomplete solution. Brands can customize product arrangement on search, category, and landing pages with a manual drag-and-drop editor or with an automated rules-based interface.

This integration allows brands to recommend specific products in search results, recommendations & product listing pages on site based on highly rated products, and adds a ratings filter to search results and display stars in search results & category pages.


  • Active account

  • Active Searchspring account


  • Log in to

  • Navigate to Integrations

  • Select Searchspring


To display your ratings on Searchspring's category & search pages, copy the generated URL on the Searchspring Integration page, it will look something like below:[STORE-KEY]

The only difference being [STORE-KEY] will automatically be replaced with your store key in

This URL can be added as a Supplementary Feed to your Searchspring account.

To do so, simply reach out to your customer success or implementation project manager at Searchspring and ask them to integrate the supplementary feed above with your core feed.

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