• Plus Plan or Higher

  • Active Recharge account


Integrations >> Recharge

  • You will see an “Authorize” button. Click this to authorize the app to access your Recharge account. We require permission to read your subscription and customer information.

Earn Rule

Once the app has been installed, you will have access to create earn rules for when customers subscribe to a product.

Navigate to Loyalty Program >> Earn & Redeem

When you create a new Earn Rule you can select Recharge Subscription Created.

Redeem Rule

Navigate to Loyalty Program >> Earn & Redeem

The regular redeem rules will not work with the Recharge Subscriptions, due to how the platform processes discounts. There are three different Recharge specific Redeem rules that can be created:

  • Free Shipping

  • Fixed amount discount

  • Percentage discount

When selecting the discount you want to use, you can define how many points this will cost. You need to ensure that you have enabled discounts for Recharge though, or the discounts created won't work.

When a custom redeems the discount for their subscription order, it will automatically apply this to their next subscription

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