This API Documentation is targeted at developers and can be used to create bespoke solutions for merchants who do not use Shopify.

If you are a Shopify user, we suggest using the Shopify integration, found here.


Full API Documentation

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Where to locate your API Keys

You can find your API Key from the dashboard.

  • Go to Settings >> __PLATFORM__ Settings >> Platform API Settings.

  • Where __PLATFORM__ Settings is API Settings or Shopify Settings

  • Send the API Key with every request in a x-api-key header.

Webhooks has the ability to push events to you via webhooks when things happen on our system. The below table is a list of all topics we support. Each topic also has its own page which describes the body of the webhook.

Supported Webhook Topics

Webhook Topic



Triggered when a customer is updated.


Triggered when a customer's tier has changed.


Triggered when a customer has earned points.


Triggered when a customer has redeemed points.


Triggered when a referral process has started. The webhook body will contain details about who was referred as well as which customer the referral belongs to. A referral is considered started when the customer's friend submits their email address.


Triggered when a referral process has completed. A referral is considered completed once the friend has completed an order with either the discount code awarded from starting a referral or using the email which they submitted to start the referral process.

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