This guide will explain the event triggers & when they occur during the referral process.

Note: This won't explain how to make the flows themselves, as this can vary from store to store, depending on how you would like to be sending these emails.


  • An active account on Reward Plus

  • An active Kalviyo account

Event Information

In the following explanation, we will use Friend A (referring a friend to your loyalty programme) & Friend B (The friend being Referred).

When Friend B enters their email, to receive their referral code, we will then push the data we have to an event within Klaviyo.

This data includes:

  • User Email

  • Referral started

  • Unique Reward code

The user will remain as a "guest" until they have created an account within your Shopify store.

This will allow you to send an email reminder to Friend B with their reward code.

Once Friend B has gone onto your Shopify store and created an account, the user profile will be updated to include more information. This will also update their Member Status to Member

After they have placed the order in Shopify, this will update with the order information from Shopify & award the user with their points.

After this order has been placed Friend A will be awarded the Referral Completed event.

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