If you have words that you're not able to display on your site, you are able to censor these, to prevent them from showing on your widgets


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Within the Product Review Widget code you will need to add the following line to the product_review block of the code:

wordFilter: "[Any words that need censoring entered here - seperated by a semi-colon: Word1;Word2;Word3]"

Note: This feature only censors individual words and not phrases.

Within this example, we are censoring the word "censored" by default the review will display all content visible:

If we update the code to include the wordFilter setting:

product_review: {

//Display product reviews - include multiple product SKUs seperated by Semi-Colons (Main Indentifer in your product catalog )

sku: "",

hide_if_no_results: false,

wordFilter: "censored",


This will prevent the specified word from displaying on the site.

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