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Multilingual Set-up: Displaying reviews in the appropriate language
Multilingual Set-up: Displaying reviews in the appropriate language

Ensure your customers are shown reviews in their language

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In order to ensure that reviews are shown to customers in their appropriate language (eg. German reviews shown on the German version of your site), it is necessary to include the relevant ‘tag’ parameters within the widget script in your site.


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🏷 Reviews tagged with language tags

  1. Please ensure that you already have reviews tagged with appropriate language tags before continuing. Further information can be found in this Support article.

  2. The following instructions are for ensuring that customers are displayed the review content in the intended language. This does not also change the language of the widget itself. To change this, please adjust the ‘lang’ parameter of the script accordingly.

  3. If you are using a pre-built widget integration (such as Shopify, WooCommerce or Shopware), you will likely not be able to use the standard integration for this and it is required to manually integrate the widget scripts.

Displaying the tagged reviews on your site

  1. When configuring the Product Reviews widget, you will need to configure the appropriate tag to be requested, based upon the language to display.

  2. You can add a new parameter within the script for the Product Reviews widget, within the 'product_reviews' array

  3. This will then just display the reviews with the provided tag. eg. tag: ‘de’,

The tag parameter can already be found in the 'reviews' array within the script.

Note: Depending on the configuration of your store, it may be necessary to create some custom script to detect what language the user is browsing and to insert this into the Product Reviews Widget code accordingly. Unfortunately, our team is unable to support writing this custom code.

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