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Redeem customer rewards using Shopify POS
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With our Shopify POS tile, you are able to access the dashboard, view customer point balances and redeem rewards on your customer's behalf all without leaving the POS app.


  • Starter plan or higher

  • Shopify POS


There are two parts to getting Shopify POS & influence setup. You'll need to create POS-specific redeem rules & add our tile to your POS system.

POS Redeem Rule

Firstly, to create the new redeem rule navigate to Loyalty Program >> Earn & Redeem

Then scroll down to Redeem Rules, and press "Add option to redeem"

Here, you can create your POS-specific Redeem rule, and set the discount amount and how many points this will cost your customer.

These earn rules only work with Shopify POS, so will not be visible on any of the widgets that your customers see on-site.

POS Tile

Within the Shopify POS app press "add tile" and navigate to the app

Here you have two options:

App Extension - this allows you to redeem rewards and view your customer's points balance.

Once you have added this tile, you will be able to see a customer's point balance (provided you have entered the customer's email). If they have enough points for a reward, you can tap on the tile to view the redeemed rewards, and selecting one of these will automatically apply the discount & deduct the customer's points.

If you remove this discount, they will then have their points returned to the account balance too.

NOTE: Unlike the widgets, you are able to redeem the discount for both member and guest accounts.

App Website - This allows you to open the dashboard within the POS app.

The dashboard functions exactly the same as it does in a browser, so for example, you could adjust customer point balances, or create new reward options, without leaving the app.

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