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Translate Reviews & Replies
Translate Reviews & Replies
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Introduction πŸ“–

Once enabled, we'll automatically translate your reviews and replies to the language set in your Product Reviews Widget 🌎

The language of each review is checked by our system and is translated if the review then doesn't match the chosen widget language!


🌟 This is only available on the Enterprise plan

Navigation πŸ“

On the side navigation click Publishing > Publishing Options and scroll down to this section πŸ‘‡

Instructions βš™οΈ

If toggled on, your reviews will be translated to your chosen language determined in your widget settings.

Depending on your installation and e-commerce platform, this may vary. For manual installations, this will be outlined within the widget editor and code generated:

For those installing the widget via a specific e-commerce platform, altering the language of the widget within the plugin will change the language of the reviews.

If you have any issues please contact our Live Chat via your dashboard for more information!

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