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Record customer sessions of page visits, and see how they interact with widgets

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The Sessions & Analytics Widget allows you to record sessions of page visits and gain insights into how customers interact with your website. Our system tracks key events such as products added to the cart and interactions with widgets.


βœ… Active Account

βœ… Active Shopify Account


To install the widget on your Shopify store you'll first need to enable the app embed on the theme you want to track sessions on.

To do this, navigate to the theme editor within Shopify >> App Embeds, and toggle the Sessions & Analytics. You will also need to enable the core snippet, and enter your Store ID

Note: You can find this in the dashboard, within Integrations >> Shopify πŸ‘‡

Once you have done this, you can click the "this code" link, or navigate to the dashboard, go to Publishing >> Widget Library >> Sessions and Analytics and here you will find the code that you need.

This code then needs to be copied and added to Shopify!

Within Shopify, in the main admin dashboard, you will need to navigate to Settings >> Checkout >> Aditional Scripts - and paste the code you have copied.

The widget has now been installed, and you can now start recording your customer's journey on your site!

Viewing Statistics

Once the system has collected seven days' worth of data, we will display a panel on the homepage which will show key statistics for the past week. This includes the number of sessions recorded, as well as comparisons of conversion rates & average order value.

Within the "More Details" button you can view how the widgets are performing on your website, here you can see total page visits, how many people viewed & interacted with the widgets.

Pressing "View Recommendations" the system will suggest changes you can make to the location or visibility of widgets, or recommend new widgets that can be added to the page.

Recorded Replays

Within the "Recorded Sessions" tab, you can view all of the customer's sessions that have been recorded. This button may have two different labels depending on if the recording is enabled, it will be listed as "watch Replays" or "replays paused"

Clicking into a session, you are able to see the users journey, how they interacted with your site & which pages they visited. We will also capture what products are added to the cart, and display those within the dashboard.

If we are able to capture customers' information, it will also display any reviews they have left or if they have been sent an invite. This will also display any survey responses if this data is available too.


Note: This feature records the first 100 sessions per month. Currently, there is no logic in place to determine the usefulness of a session before recording it.

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