Create surveys and collect responses from your customers via our new Survey Widget for internal use

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⭐️ Available on all plans!

🌟 Advanced Surveys: Multiple Choice, NPS surveys, Customer Satisfaction, Post-Purchase, Support Performance Market Research and Competitor Research are available on Plus plan only






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Note: Additional Surveys can be purchased in the Subscription page here 👈

Navigation 📍

Log into your account and click on 'Surveys'

Instructions ⚙️

📝 Creating & Managing Surveys

In order to create your first survey, go to the “Surveys” page which can be found in the navigation menu.

Next, click on the “Create Survey” button and configure the survey according to your requirements.

You can set the survey rating to be emojis, thumbs up/down, stars or NPS buttons 👇

Additional Surveys can be purchased in the Subscription page here 👈

Alternatively, there are numerous pre-made survey templates that you can select and customize to meet your needs. When creating a survey as seen below, there will be multiple 'popular' surveys to choose from.

⚙️ Installing Survey Widget

Every survey has its own unique “widget installation code”. This allows users to embed different surveys on different pages.

In order to install the widget, click the “Get Code” button, copy the provided code and include it on the website pages where you want the survey widget to appear.

You can pass various metadata to survey widgets. For example, it's possible to attach customer, product and other information to survey responses. Custom tags are supported as well.

🎨 Customizing Survey Widget Design

You can also customize styles by using the Survey Widget editor.

To access the widget editor, click on 'Edit Widget Design' and this will take you through the customizable options.

Note: The same widget design is used for all the surveys that you embed on your website

Similar to our other widgets, the Survey Widget is flexible as it supports different types of ratings and color schemes.

You can also adjust the widget positioning and sizing to tailor it to your website’s design.

The survey widget can also be positioned as an inline popup or expanded form.

Conditional Questions

"Conditional Questions" allows you to create surveys that display different questions based on the customer's answers!

You have the ability to insert answer conditions, conditions only show when there are multiple questions (two or more in a survey)

Note: Conditions not available for text questions

You are able to select multiple condition rules and a question that will be asked as a follow up if the condition is met. Conditions can also have a fallback action / question for when a selected answer does not meet the condition!

Post-Review Survey Set-Up

Clients are now able to show the survey after a review has been added. This would require you to select the survey and add it to the Review Collector 👇

You can also access the Survey selection from the collector page settings👇

Embedding Survey Widget onto Checkout Page (SHOPIFY ONLY)

Shopify clients can automatically add surveys to their checkout pages.

This would not require you to copy/paste the code as the widget can be injected automatically 👇

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